Looney Bay Allstars Pirate Power Play!

I love reading.  I have been reading since I was 4.  I didnt only learn how to read in kindergarten I learned in Preschool.  Do you like to read?  My favourite series is Looney Bay Allstars.  Looney Bay Allstars is the book I am reading.  The strategy I use is word chunking most of the time.  While I read I get better and better.  What series do you like to read? 

I hope you like my reading.

The Water Cycle

The water cycle is awesome.  It’s by Justin, Lily, and Sophie. We all loved doing the video.  The video was kind of hard because not every one was listening.  It was hard for me, Lily, and Sophie to draw and cut all the paper.  One time we tried to make the video but we weren’t ready.  The other time we tried we did it, but we had a lot of troubles.

I hope you like our video.

My First Art Slideshow

When I do art I get happy.  I do all kinds of art.  I Paint, I Colour, and I Draw.  My favourite one to do is draw.  The slideshow that I’m going to show you is paint art.  What I learned from doing art is that you don’t really want to rush.  I also learned that in art there is no such thing as a mistake.  What I like about doing art is finishing the picture. What do you like about art?

The Science Fair

Today I went to our school Sience Fair.  It was so cool.  The judges that did my project really liked it.  I showed one of the judges what a lava lamp looks like.  

My favourite part was doing the project. 🙂

I really like all the science projects. They were awesome, espesholy the big kids science projects.


The Science fair was awesome.

A week after that I went to the Regional science fair.  I was really nervis.  There were shirts that we had to put on which I thought that was really weird, but cool.  We did this thing when we had to keep a ice cube cold.  My team had no water come out of the cup.  Then we had a mad scientist show.  I loved it. After the show we got to have ribbons. Not everyone got one, but I got second place!!!! 


Today Infinitus peformd their names were Alex,  Anthony and John.  Alex played the cello, Anthony played the viola, and John played the violin.  They are like my favourite band.  I just can’t  stop talking about them.  Here are the things that they played.

1. Phineis and Ferb

2.Hanna Montana

3.Spongbob Squarepants

4.Star Wars

6.Family Guy





11 20 centery fox theme

13. Indiana Jones

14They were going to play Justin Beiber.

They are the best.

I bet everyone they meet will love them.

Here is the video I hope you like it.


My Friends and Family

My friends are the best people in the world.  They will do everything. They help you when you’re hurt. I like friends.  They will play anything you want them to.  Everyone in my family is special and so are my friends.

I love my friends and family.

When I am 100

I will do many things When I am 100, but I will not swim and I will not eat sugar. I won’t be able to ride a bike or skate board. I will celibrate Christmas. I will celibrate Valintine’s Day. I will be really lazy that is pretty much all I’ll do when I’m 100.


Eagle Article February

Did you know that the lion is one of the most dangerous animals in the world? If it spots prey it slowly goes up to it in tall grass and charges. It also climbs trees so it can so it can jump down and tackle its prey. If it spots enemies like a human it will charge just like some bears. Little lions play with something like grass because there not old enough to go after big things. Have you ever seen a lion?

My cats

Do you have a cat? I like to play with my cats because thier fluffy and I like the sound of their purr.  I also like to cuddle with them.  My cat Boxers is really crazy. My cat Paches is really really furey. They also like to come in my bed. I love my cats.